The now is when that feeling of liveliness kicks in, that moment when you are sitting down in a coffee shop sipping coffee and eating a piece of chocolate cookie with nothing else on your mind but the fresh taste of the brew and the immense density of chocolate in your mouth. That brief second when you feel that utter bliss of happiness… What if I told you that this moment is a choice?

People’s perception of what happiness is clouds them from understanding the real truth behind happiness and what happiness really is. We see happiness as a destination that we reach after we do something or after we meet someone but that cannot be any further from the truth. Happiness is a journey, it’s the process, the experience we have not a destination.
Our mind’s only way to manifest itself or to reflect its deep desires is through the body, history made sure of that. It wasn’t always like that though. Before the world materialized, spirits were free. This material world we live in is the cause of all suffering, it is the cause of all the hate and all the destruction. The struggle of the mind is to fight the pain, and the more the mind fights the pain the more the pain increases, that is the paradox that most people sink themselves in and hope that the very material that is making them feel this way is the solution for their salvation.
Our purpose in life is the choices we make, the choices we make are the only things that define who we are and what we will become. When you live in a world where all your questions are answered and life is in eternal bliss the only thing that will keep your mind working is that one thing you don’t know and do not understand. It becomes a purpose for living. Once you experience something, like for example eating a chocolate or drinking a pint of beer, after a while you will lose interest and move on to something else. Life’s experiences shape who we are and make us understand our surroundings, understand what we once questioned. We though that we didn’t know what we didn’t know and the only way to knowledge is by experience… we were wrong.

We already know everything that needs to be known, we have all the knowledge we need, but we just didn’t experience them yet. Our purpose in life and our need for happiness is one and the same in every way. Having sexual intercourse with someone is always enjoyable, the feeling afterwards is great too but the actual experience is a once in a lifetime thing and the feeling of happiness during that time is priceless. We already know everything we need to know. Our only purpose is to experience it, same way we experience anything else, same way we experience happiness. Buying a new car does not make us happy, the month of work, the ride to the car shop, picking the car up is what makes us happy. Once we get the car, happiness is gone and we move on to our next adventure for happiness.

Admit it, you almost always get mad when other people don’t give you credit but you feel nothing at all, in fact it doesn’t even cross your mind when you reject others, because your self worth is and will always be more important to you than anyone else. Once you get rid of that feeling, get rid of that self loathing and look at other people the same way you would want them to look at you, at that point you will overcome rejection.
The longer the experience is the longer the happiness will last, thus we tend to spend more time working towards the smaller experiences than we do for the longer ones. We work years to experience a day worth of happiness. The problem starts after that day not before. Once we experience that one day worth of happiness, our desire for more grows even stronger, and once we have experienced this immense feeling after so long we tend to divert away from our initial route into a more destructive one with hopes of speeding up that process.

Buying a new car does not make a person happy, it might for a brief amount of time but for a cost much greater than we would ever imagine. Happiness is a journey, it is in every action we do and in every decision we make.

With the new technology, phones and the instant gratifications we get from this technology, our greed for happiness only gets amplified. It speeds up our need for gratification and the need to stand up from a crowd so cough up with “buying a new car” that we reached a point in time where the destruction is increasing so rapidly that we will soon reach a point where our lives are not our own anymore. And our decisions are controlled in its entirety by everyone else.

Only way to battle this change is by living our lives for others not by others and for the benefit of others not our own.