In this part I will talk about how I see rejection and how I tackle it. The way we look at the world changes everything, and is key to overcome rejection.

You can find part 1 Here.

When we get rejected our first line of defense is to attack. It could be that we imagine it in our minds or we actually attack people but as I have learned over time is that this could be avoided if we simply don’t think about it. Along the way we got to a certain point where we saw something happen, we interpreted it, then we acted on that interpretation. First rule in problem solving is to actually identify the problem not cling to the result and act from there. So the problem is that I overreact after I interpret which means either I am interpreting wrong or my interpretation is right but the result is affecting me emotionally.

In both cases the solution is the same. Don’t interpret.

The interpretation of other people’s actions is based on previous actions experienced with completely different people and are impossible to repeat thus the interpretation is never accurate.

The best way to put this is… Rejection always starts out with a request, there has to a request so that a rejection would be possible. The request itself is made by the same person being rejected. Common sense would kick in at this point and say “people don’t ow anyone shit”. If I ask someone for something and that person rejects me, then there shouldn’t be a problem at all. If the tables turn and someone asks me for something and I reject them, I expect that person to respect my wishes.

Sometimes when we get rejected we feel like the reason behind the rejection could seem clear as day but in reality it never is. It doesn’t matter how close to the truth we get there is absolutely no way for us to take back a rejection once it happens even if that same person changes their mind, the residue of the rejection would still be there.

The only way a rejection would occur is when we ask something of someone and that someone says no. I have a rule, I follow this rule because I believe in it’s authenticity. You most probably already know what it is. This rule is the reason why I am now almost never affected by rejection.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Admit it, you almost always get mad when other people don’t give you credit but you feel nothing at all, in fact it doesn’t even cross your mind when you reject others, because your self worth is and will always be more important to you than anyone else. Once you get rid of that feeling, get rid of that self loathing and look at other people the same way you would want them to look at you, at that point you will overcome rejection.