We are who we are for what we do at the time we do it for the reasons that make us one with the universe. What we need to know on how to overcome rejection.

There is no easy way to explain how important it is for people to connect to each other. A big problem we face today is that most of us spend our days doing things that in turn reflect back on us in a negative way. I am not saying that we should succumb to what society thinks we should do, but we need to consider the fact that we exist in this world for a reason and that reason is what drives us every day to do and think the way we do. In my journey of understanding i found out that most people i met in my life tend to keep their emotions in check and well hidden whilst interacting and communicating with others. I later found out that I am also a victim of this disease and I mastered it to the point where I almost lost sight of who I really am. We tend to describe these situations as “wearing a mask” to hide the true self and by doing so we create each time a new version of who we are and at the same time, lose a part of who we really are.

We are all connected with each other, but this is not the problem.
The problem is that we are not connected to each other.
But we are! We only like to think that we are not.

The feeling of holding back are caused in most cases by the constant rejections we face on a daily basis. These rejections are the ones we face every day at work from our boss, or on the street from a taxi, or in school from other students, or in the bank when we apply for a loan. This constant rejections build up inside each one of us and in a way triggers an auto response that blocks these certain individuals in our mind. We create a list in our mind, name it block list and start adding people to it every time we are feel we are being rejected. When we are born we gaze at the world wondering what it is all about. At some point where we start to understand some of it by either experiencing it or by someone teaching us how this or that operates. By doing so we train our brain to respond to certain situations without thinking and without doing any analysis of it. That is what we call the subconscious.
An easy way to understand this concept, and this is how i got to learn and explore how destructive it can be is to try and compare it. I tried understanding it as a concept, and started applying it in theories, but I was never able to manifest it or to really visualize it in a way I would understand it’s functionalities, it’s causes, and it’s affect on how we think and how we behave.

Let’s take an example that we know very well “social media”. Yes, it sounds really weird and feels like it has nothing to do with the subject and some pro socials out there would be saying now “oh damn it, yea! whatever problems there are out there always blame social media”, well that’s not the case here. Kind of…
On any of the social media platforms out there we are able to maintain and control what we see, who we follow, what news we are interested in and the people we want to stalk. We also interact with other people on there, we can express our interests, express our thoughts, and much more… We do the exact same thing in our minds as well. Our mind is our own private profile, with one look at a person’s social media profile I would know all I need to know about who they are, what they do, who they like and dislike, and much more. Yet, we don’t do that in real life. Why do you think people spend so much time on these platforms?

We made copies of ourselves
We set these copies free out into the world
We take care of these copies as if they are a part of us
But they are us.

There is always a reason behind everything we do, every action we make, every decision we take, and these reasons are most of the time hidden in our subconscious.

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