Monthly Image Collection

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August 2018

No idea what the photographer intended with this photo but I really like a message I see behind it, the idea of being caught in a certain problem and trying to break free from it.

September 2018

I love this. One of Fan Ho‘s photographs, showing a girl studying in old Hong Kong around the 1950’s. I am a fan of Fan Ho and his artwork.

October 2018

I have always had a big interest in time and how we persevere time, I also have a big interest on what time means to each person.

November 2018

One of my most favorite pictures that clearly show the true meaning of love and the warmth of one’s heart is enough for an everlasting bond.

Decemper 2018

“Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.” ~ Wayne Dyer.

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January 2019

Lust… Man’s greatest power, and greatest weakness. Materializing the human body into means of control and power.

February 2018

Time can not always heal what is broken, This image shows a sincere depth into the soul of a man in agony and despair of his own self. The smered off face says it all.

March 2018

Mastering the ultimate power of love, with the unified merge of body and soul.

April 2019

In Darkness, look for the light. There is always a bright side to everything. There is always hope. There is always light.