Monthly Video Collection

At the end of each month the featured video is added here

August 2018

One of my favorite videos out there, Abraham Twerski explains Love and what love is in the most incredible way.

September 2018

I love how he explains what fear can do to a person and why we don’t need to be scared of things that haven’t happened yet. And he does it in the most awesome way.

October 2018

One of my favorite for Paganini. He is just incredible

November 2018

This video may be a bit long but it is one of the best out there that really explain the problems and the challenges that the millennial are facing these days.

December 2018

Much of the things that I enjoy doing is having a calm and rational debate with someone one some of my interests that in some cases could be offensive to others. This video shows how to do so and also keep calm in the process.

January 2019

We have the power to change. Why don’t we?

February 2019

Everyone deserves joy in their life. People that radiates joy deserves the best.

September 2018

Naked Noise met up with Zaz on a canal in North London for a Live impromptu performance of ‘Je Veux’. Lyrics translation in English can be found here.

October 2018

Incredible how music affects all living things. Humans, animals and plants alike.