Our priorities are what drives us to do what we do on a daily basis. These priorities could be based on us as people, our material things and/or our families. Our purpose in life is what drives us to make up a list of priorities that will help us in turn, along our journey to fulfilling that purpose.

Most of the young generation that i talk to and asked what their purpose in life was, in general two straight up answers I got from most of the if not all are either Money, and/or Happiness. Some of them even linked them to each other saying that without money there can be no happiness. I feel sad for these people and I try my best to help and guide them. I know that these people were born in an age of technology and scientific advancement. They are born in families that constantly praise them on how great and unique they are which is fine but it gets worse when they tell them that they are better than everyone else, that they can have whatever they want whenever they want it. This generation and later generations after the 90s have all been through this and end up hitting puberty, graduate and go out into a world that is so much different than what they know and experienced. This major shift in perspective does a lot of damage to a generation that has been raised and is used to having whatever they want when they want it. The search for an escape from that situation is what leads them to overuse and overspend their time with new technologies and social media platforms.

The priorities we have and the reason why we set them are completely non related which makes it even harder for us to see the bigger picture and eventually link the outcome of our actions to our own decisions.

Our purpose in life and the priorities we set need to be linked to not only ourselves but each other as well, whatever action we do needs to be related to not only our own benefits but the benefits of others. Instead of competing with each other with our possessions and/or our looks we should be helping each other and working towards having a better society. A society where people can rely on each other and help each other. 

The one things that can make a person feel true happiness is helping another in need, there is no other feeling in the world strong enough to fill a person’s heart with warmth and happiness other than helping another person in need.

Please keep in mind that the people I am referring to in this article or any other article I publish are the ones relating directly to the content of the article and there are always exceptions. The problem I am stressing on in this article is related to people online and offline that have a lifestyle focused only on their own benefits and have priorities that are in many ways selfish and self focused for their own personal benefits. 

People that really want to see a change made in this world we live in are the ones that truly put an effort in helping others in need without seeking any propaganda, or any personal benefit. A good example of these types of people that only do good or help others for their own benefits are the ones that praise themselves when they do a good deed instead of doing it for the sake of helping another in need. 

Here is a heart warming video of people that saw a person in need and didn’t think twice before giving them a helping hand.

This need to show off to others is only made worse with social media. It is the responsibility of the parents to monitor and control their kids’ use of this technology and make sure it doesn’t get worse through time. When a person get’s a response on one of their social media posts they get a shot of dopamine to the brain which makes them feel good and feel praised. That shot of dopamine is the same on a person gets when they smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs which makes it extremely addictive. This addiction without the proper monitoring by the parents can lead to severe problems when these kids grow up. What makes it even worse is the addiction of the parents as well as their kids which in some cases lead to devastating consequences.

There is hope for a better future only with the help of the elder generation to guide and nurture the new generations. The technology we have today is only going to get more complicated in time, we only have limited time to set things right before it goes out of our hands and it becomes too late to reverse it. I am not opposed to any technology out there and I feel that each new technology is helping improve human kind into a more connected world opening new opportunities for everyone to benefit from. But it all boils down on how and why we are using this technology and to what purpose.

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