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There is no simple way to emphasize the importance of human connection. Our unheeded ignorance of each other fuels frantic endeavors to satisfy our ego whilst we proceed to repeatedly make the same mistakes. Greed is the first and most vital obstacle that needs to be surpassed to achieve a stress-free and peaceful life. Any barrier we build limits our interactions with others around us as well as our loved ones. Some prefer to keep their feelings hidden instead of expressing them, which is a direct consequence of how we were raised. The way our parents acted in our presence directly influences our behavior as we grow up. Rejection is so devastating to people that it holds the power to utterly destroy any shred of positive emotions. Its consistency only empowers the hollow shell that had now become aware and trained with the art of ignorance and implosion of emotion into itself. No one can weigh the value of human life since the action itself is impossible.

There is a problem infeasible to solve, yet has one inevitable explication. The purpose of this problem lies in death and people are its gateway. The problem in question transforms through time, you would later discover that it never was a problem but the solution.

From the many mistakes I did in my youth, I find it impossible to rid Myself of the memories that haunt my days. Fractures in one’s soul can only be caused by intense pain. This pain can arise from two things. The shattered trust we put in people and the disappointments in the ones we love. Emotion is an extremely tricky thing to control, especially when all that you care about is what breaks your bones to imagine. There is a deep and painful fracture in my soul that will never heal. I wished for the past to change, for me to have walked a different road. Nothing good can come from changing the past, same as frowning and clinging to it. Where would I have ended if I chose a different route instead? With all my might and all my strength, I pushed Myself to do things I never thought I would ever do. Maybe I grew older and wiser, but thinking back, I sometimes wish I had the balls I had then.

I think you figured out by now what I am talking about so I will just jump in the story and say it as it is. I first found out about my problem when I met a certain someone. A person that not only showed me how my insignificant genuine emotions are, but how to understand people and see them for whom they truly are. The only thing that drove Myself in believing that it will last made my problem much bigger and my route much harder to follow. Complicated is a word that not only compliments my thoughts at that time but perfectly describes them today. All I can say at this point is that the problems that were are now a part of me. One thing, to learn to deal with your problems and find a solution but it takes a greater deal to let go of who you are and become the very problem you were a victim of. I always say that love should never be the cause of action, but a result of the will to sacrifice for others. The failure in my understanding of some important aspects of this calamitous relationship destroyed any shred of self-respect and dignity.

At the end of this wicked and immoral path, I discovered that cheating was not the most damaging and poisonous thing that can happen during a relationship. Having your inner peace shattered and your soul deprived of its basic need for emotional stability redacts the pleasures of life and removes any hope of serenity and peace.